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SicK Wrote:
krea Wrote:get juice or rambone back sick

you cant be srs ^^ Maybe u dont know how hard it is to get players back who already dont give a shit about this game. Ask any1 who tried it and i am pty sure they will say it is fuckin hard. I tried to get rambone back few times but u cant make some1 play game only cuz u want it. He played ofc when i asked him 5-10games and he is out again. Also i was clanless now and i didnt change any team or w/e just joined and helped loh a bit<to play in wcc,cuz they asked me to>.

Laugh hehe , welcome (Y)



dysproz (dont know yet)
aegy (dont know yet)

Stimpy (IDK)
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Ok the signups are closed, I'll now start putting all different tours online.
Replace stimpy with z4juTHPS (havnt seen stimpy in months)
Hmm ok that's the last one. From now on, no more people can be added to the clans.
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