Tony Hawk Pro Skater 3

Full Version: Zombie Infection Results
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We played all lvls except cs, cuz it was bugged and some players crashed...

Well the results:

1.Osiris with 16 points.
2.Faith with astonishing 14 points. APPLAUSO
3.Shizz with great 11 points. APPLAUSO
4.Our Dr. with cool 10 points. APPLAUSO
5.Boo with amazing 6 points. APPLAUSO
6.Baldi and Mario with awesome 3 points. APPLAUSO
8.S4l good 2 points (s4l only played the first 4 lvl`s). APPLAUSO

to play this tourney with u guys was great fun! (Y)

It would be cool, if u could post, what should be upgreaded, so that this game will be more fun.

Osiriz ==Original
u could upgrade that I win :twisted:
Hey I also played like 4 rounds (Mario) Laugh
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