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Full Version: Rules and Poll: RIO CTF TOUR with XTC or not??
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teams get devided in 2 groups: You play with everyone from your group. In match your team is 2x blue and 2x red. We play only on RIO, 5 minutes. so match will take long time but of course you can play it in 2 days. Or whatever you want.
From every group 2 teams with the most points advance to the next round. in next round rules can change. I don't know yet.
Pointsystem will be discused in this poll!

-with xtc is clear
-without xtc 2
-shin: you get 1 point if you win IN time: ( score 3:2 then 1 gets 1 point)
team you do xtc: (score 4:5 team 2 gets 1 point for doing more xtc)
at end of game: score 4:5 team 2 gets 1 point for overall winner, so
score at the end is 1:2 for team 2

-Lyst: xtc only scores 0.5 points, that it is difficulter to win after time
example: in time score is 3:0 then team 2 has to do 7 xtc to win the game
winner scores 3 points; tie is 1 point; loser 0
I think it should be with xtc, but either use shins system or make 1 xtc count for 0.5. So you need to do 3 xtc to beat 1-0 in time. But playing with just xtc is also fine with me.
xtc ofcourse
Skater4Life Wrote:xtc ofcourse

ye i would be the same opinion. Wink
Day Wrote:
Skater4Life Wrote:xtc ofcourse

ye i would be the same opinion. Wink[/quote

ok forget my opinion im not in the tourney.
i like lysts solution rio is a level where can easily be done 10+ xtc and very high in time scores also so i tihnk it might make the games kinda intresting
How about this: First team to hit 3cap (with a 5mins timer) automatically wins that game? So if one hits 3 before time they win, same as if they do it in xtc.
i think we let it by this 4 opinion


it is easy to make 10 xtc after time without any opponents. But for example the other team is leading with 0:4 so the other team just have to stay alive and it´s very easy to stay alive in rio.
The team with the lower score has to stay alive, to slap all others or just to stay alive as long all r dead and then to make 5 xtc with a fucked up balance.
I think it´s hard enough without 0,5 xtc system
So for me shin´s system is the best....
I think making 4:0 in time is just as hard as making 8 xtc.
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