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Heyo, OK So I was thinking about making a Scavenger hunt tour...

First I will need to know who will join, if I get enough players I will start to make a list of stuff to do.

Rules: If we get enough players in this tour, you will get a list of things to do, each achievement scores some points, you will have one week to get them, if you will get all of them before the tour ends, you win immediately, but I doubt that is possible, there will be loads of tasks. In the end of the week, everyone must have a Proof of his tasks. I hope many players will join, have fun!

This is where I got the idea from: <!-- m --><a class="postlink" href=""> ... list.jhtml</a><!-- m -->

Teams will be randomly picked when all players join.


1. Zoe
2. Manu
3. Slappy
4. Nihilism
5. Shin
6. Resul
7. S4L
8. Sick
9. Ownish
10. Fresh
11. Fatguy
12. Shizz
13. Lyst
14. Foolish
15. Esk8
16. Lalita

1. S4L
2. Nihilism
3. Zoe
4. Shin

5. Fresh
6. Lalita
7. Foolish
8. Resul

9. Esk8
10. Sick
11. Manu
12. Shizz

13. Slappy
14. Ownish
15. Fatguy
16. Lyst

Teams were picked absolutely random!

If one of your teammates gets one task, you can do it too... for example, Slappy does first task, gets 1 point, Fatguy does first task, gets one point too... so Team four has 2 points already.

Here are the tasks:
Deadline: 14th February

1. Get as many players as possible to say: "--YOUR NAME--, you rock!" For 5 different players you get - 2points per 5 players
2. Get exactly 1'000'000 points in one trick in Roswell, Burnside and Warehouse. - 2points
3. Do x180 flatland flip/grab tricks in one combo - 2points
4. Do 20carplants in one combo - 1 point
5. Get at least 5 players to use name or part of your name at the same time, for example: oD'W-Angel Manu - 1point
6. Do LA 3x tf three times in a row - 2 points
7. Win at least one AP CZ game against two players that passed new password test in same team - 2points
8. Create 1 80x6 survival skatepark - 2 point
9. Get at least 40grafitti tags in one minute at any level - 2points
10. Perform a Carplant + Grab/flip + Carplant + Carplant combo - 2points
11. Perform Fastplant + Special slide on LA fountain without getting air - 1point
12. Piss off as many people as possible and make them ban you, for each 2 bans you gain 1 point - 1point per 2 bans
13. Perform a Wallie + wallie + wallie + wallie combo - 1point
14. Perform Wallie + Fastplant + 900spin - 1point
15. Get 5 online players to show their real life picture - 3 points
16. Get 8 players to type: "Vadru is gay!" At once - 3 points
17. You and another player has to lip LA 3x tf in a same time - 2 points
18. Crash 5 servers - 2 points
19. Manualtype: "I am gonna win this hunt!" - 2points
20. AP Airtype: "I am gonna win this hunt!" - 2points
21. Get 8 players in one server having 'c3pwns' in their name - 2 points
22. Perform a 5 grab air - 1 point
23. Get a blowjob from 3 guys - 2 points (Do a handstand, then the other guy comes to you and pushes nollie)
24. Chainslap someone until he logs out, you may NOT talk to that player - 3 points
25. Obtain 7 pro players' cases - 3 points
26. Help 3 people with Scavenger Hunt tasks - 2 points
27. Perform 13'371'337 combo - 5 points
28. Go to a 'tod...' pwed server with ProSkater nickname and TonyHawk cas, and convince them to start a Rio TA 2mins game without showing them your identity - 2points
29. Get over 100mil combo with non-visible cas - 3points
30. Cheat in a TA Game, win and do not get caught! - 1point
31. Cheat in a CZ Game, win and do not get caught! - 1point
32. Get banned from a server for cheats with fake nick and without saying anything - 2points
33. Win 2:00 koth in 6 players server - 3points
34. Perform this combo: Wallride, Manual, Flip, Slide, Grab, Manual, Lip, Revert, Nose Manual, Slide, Revert, Ground revert - 1point
35. Get fake name, Use camera bug in game to get stuck in the air and not end game for 5 minutes without being detected - 3points
36. Own anyone in koth game having 2:00 against 0:00 - 2points
37. Write at least 70words song lyrics about Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 3 - 3 points
38. Help a newbie out - 1 point
39. Get a noob to say: "You're a cheater", you may NOT cheat! - 2 points
40. Tick this task as DONE - 1point for reading it
41. Get 5 people to say: "Vadru is gay!" - 2 points
i dont understand it but im in Tongue
Check this: <!-- m --><a class="postlink" href=""> ... list.jhtml</a><!-- m -->

You'll understand Laugh
so the one being jobless wins?
i guess i am in
Ich ik ich.
im in
This one is really nice :lol: I wanna play it but I promised I don't play THPS3 anymore :roll:
Why the fuck, come on man! Laugh
me in
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