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Full Version: CTF Tour Semi-Finals
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oke lil bit of probs in round 2 but hopefully this round will be flawless

1. Lyst & Noo vs Fem & Nihil replaced by w!Ld & Blind
2. Resul & Haci vs Fatguy & LovE

deadline: Jan 31st *HAS BEEN EXTENDED.. * ------

if u guys agree on a time make sure you post it in topic

hope u guyz have fun
I can play this friday from 11am - 9pm
Noo can't play thps3, every time he installs it, it crashes at booting thps3.
We'll let you know if it is fixed.
try launching without defmod lol
He tried both, he uninstalled it through control panel, uninstall and deleted all files.
I don't know what is wrong really.
any messages after crash or just black screen and then nothing
alright, im gonna HAVE to extend it again.. thx u guyz Closedeyes

While the setup installs the THPS3 may not be installed in the dale corecte ao all black screen and waits for the completion yoyoyoyoy wild
Our match will not happen before next week, fem has exams.
@ love and fg lets play today 19.00?
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