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Full Version: Zombie apocalypse tour
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Zombie Apocalypse is game I made, the rules are simple:

IDK When will it be, yet, it's just first try... let's see how will we do...

The tour will be on Sunday 6th December (6.12.2009) at 7:00PM GMT +01:00
That's German, Czech Republic, Poland, etc...
For Britain it's 6:00PM

We need 8 players to play it... One of these 8 joins red team, others are blue.
Zombie 1 is chasing the others if he slaps someone, he gains 2points and the slapped guy gets infected and joins red as well, each infection gives 2 points for player... the one who got infected as first, is first zombie next round and picks level and if extra time game or not. The game should take 5 - 2 mins (Depends on level size) for example BS - 2.. AP - 5.. If a survivor (blue) doesn't get infected until the round ends he gains 5points... when the round ends, zombies can try to infect humans, and humans can try to slap zombies that are still in trick, if they do so, they get +1 point.

If there is anything I forgot, please let me know... Post who wants to join the tour:

Slots left:
1. oDWinglessAngel
2. Shizz
3. FatGuy
4. Resul
5. Wild
6. S4L
7. Lyms
8. Rey

No slots left! Maybe if we would get another server...
looks like chaser from S4L^^
yes rey Ohmy just my thought
Xd im not sure if i understand it
but im in :Original
EDIT : pls after exams , in christmas vacation or smth
a zombie game without shotgunz!??????
me in
ok ill try it
kk ich auch im in
I wonna try too Ohmy
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