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The first KOTH3 tournament will be held at sunday 18 october at 8pm (GMT+1).
We'll play 2 min koth in:
- Skater Island (2 matches)
- Los Angeles (2 matches)

There will be 2 groups each consisting of 4 players. These groups will be decided by a lottery. The 2 players with the the most total time advance to the final round.

If you signup while the list is full, you will be put as reserve, in case someone doesn't show up.

You can sign up here:
Server 1:
- 10000
- Wild
- S4L
- Lyst
Server 2:
- Ownish
- Love
- Shifty
- Vadru

1. Foolish
Me pls :C I want... I won't forget about and be late again, really, I hope, I promise... or better not :L
ham ham me in if u forget ill sms you fool i promis :lLl
my fault i promise :L
Sign MEH up.
sign me up
sign me up plz.
im in! Original
im in
me 2
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