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Full Version: Create-a-Cas v9 Voting :o
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so vote Xd
my votes

1. nobody
2. nobody
3. ok fine ownish !
me voting:

1. Ownishh
2. S4L
3. Zoe!
1. S4L for making the voting topic
2. Zoe
3. Ownish
i might have a chance to win Ohmy
naaaaah u dont :Laugh
i thought only the ones who participate there can vote for each other Ohmy?

well then Xd

1. ZOE
2. :Ownish
3. s4l Xd
ownish Wrote:naaaaah u dont :Laugh
lies Ohmy

BTW : deadline for this voting is ... august 9th !
1. Ownish
2. Zoe
3. S4L
owni: 10pts
zoe: 8pts

so i create new one?
OhmyK :s
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