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Full Version: Graff Vidz challenge
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hi everyone !

I thought about graf challenges since a long time.
Maybe it is already existing..

I think that good players could post vidz with these rules :

- graf mod
- 1min for time but only 2 combos (64 grafz max) are admitted and you can extra time
- you can choose the level but it will be good if every levels are played
- you have to got the highest number of tags
- you have to play with style (Y)
- maybe we could judge these video and the for each level will be saved as a reference Original
- no mod as 1.2 or 1.3 plz :roll:

Ciao !
I love the idea just make it more clear and i will post vid for sure. I mean I can already post vid here? What judge? who judge?everyone?poll?everyweek poll and best from 1 week wins then another week etc?
yea i will make a video for this cuz i really like the idea but will it be like one week lets say rio next week suburbia etc.?
or everyone choose lvl they want explain about lvls plz Original
really nice idea Laugh , ofc ill post a vid. i think its the best if everyone judges by makink a poll.
mh i think we could make two parts :

we could post graf vidz for one level each week (1st week = foundry, 2nd = canada) ... then we judge and rate them /20 r maybe poll system is the best idk and best rated will be saved as reference (one per level)

But i think it will be interesting to have another part for players who don't want to play the week level and who capped a very nice graf vid. best vidz will be saved too and everyone could rate them

In fact i think i couldnt judge because i dont have internet. so i dont know how to get judges for each week.
Maybe poll is easier..
Whats do you think?
im for the poll Original
just a poll. Easier etc etc etc.
yea so when could this start Original ?
I can begin with these challenges if everyone is ok with it.


I would like to try, but we need some clearer rules.

-We do one lvl each week.All lvls.
-Winners from each lvl will have a final match in a random lvl(or something).
-Poll system.
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