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Full Version: SurvivalZoee2 and SurvivalZoee3
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Some ppl may already have SurvivalZoee2, but it's not in Z'sPP so I uploaded it and SurvivalZoee3 is new park I made today. Good luck.

You can download them here:

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Here is one screen, this is how SurvivalZoee3 looks when you complete it Original

[Image: skate32009061319011340.jpg]
Download it! It was fun playing :!: :!: :?: :!: :!:
i dont think soXd i dont download thinks how vadrus modXd and that u have yesterday madeXd bcause that was it saved for lymsOhmy
We were making fun! Is that forbidden? Anyway for the peeps that wants some challenge... download Wink
Can someone translate colby's post for me?
lolroflmao XDDDD LOL@COLBY loool learn engilsh lol
lyst Wrote:Can someone translate colby's post for me?
tho im german too, i can't get the sense of his sentence Ohmy

btw, nice parks zoe, didnt finish any yet, but i didnt that hard ^^
lyst Wrote:Can someone translate colby's post for me?

I don't think so, I don't download things. How is vadru's mod? And you have made this yesterday? That's why it was saved for Lyms.!

it took me fucking hours Xd
but still ''That's why it was saved for lyms'' LOL?
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