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Ok i have been waiting for a tour like this long and since nobody will make it i will
So ehm :
The tourney will be once a month for 2 months (+ 1 month (Finals))
There will be 8 players in 1 server and for finals 4 from 1 month and 4 from other month will play also 8 in server. What is important is that TAGS will be counted.
We will do all maps 1 min and after time is allowed. The first round will be held on May the second 8 pm (GMT + 2)
For the first round you can sign up here in this topic and for the other there will be another topic.
So with not much to say let the sign ups begin :
1. Skater4Life
2. Ownish
3. Shifty
4. Rey
5. Slappy
6. Foolish
7. Shane
8. Tasty
Reserve :
1. Vadru
2. Doffen

Good Luck Laugh
If you have any questions ask. Original
NOTE: Since second round will be in June than there is no point doing Finals in July because most wont be there. So there are 2 solutions either do the finals in June or do them in September or October (A poll will be made later to see what will be)
EDIT: if someone can host plz tell cause i cant
sign me up then
sign me up.
me, and what day it is? sunday?
I am in
nice idea, saturday gj. i'm in, i can host
and wtf is gmt+2 again

seem's to be same concept like TDS GT?
First of all <!-- m --><a class="postlink" href=""></a><!-- m --> that is GMT+2
Second: TDS GT didnt have finals Original
yes im in (gmt +10) is 2am or 4am
hi shane long time no see Original
And gmt + 10 at that time is 4 am
Mememememememe! Devil
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