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Full Version: create-a-cas v7 voting
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the big question is who won this time!
well its all your, vote for the best one Original
and if you vote now the next cac is comming soon! xp
(joined the c-a-cas v7? read here: you have to vote, if you dont vote all your voting points are gone to hell or some other place, got me?)
give your personal top 3!
1 get 3 points
2 get 2 points
3 get 1 point
most points wins!

you can choose 3 of those awesome guys(girls?)

do you think duckman was the best? vote duckman!
or vote kiffer (aka koffer)
dont forget figy is still here!
or do you think the great rambone should win?
or rey? :!:

vote now!
and win!
hurry up, only 5 days to vote!!!!!
voteline: 24-4-2009
+ You can't vote for yourself
1. Rey
2. Kiffer
3. Duck
1. Koffer Original
2. Rey
3. Duck
1 rambone
2 duck
3 kiffer
Yes i am still here :roll:
1. Koffer
2. Rambone
3. Rey
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