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Full Version: C3 team update
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Since shin is leaving THPS3 and C3 forever now, we'll need someone to replace shin as admin, plus we need a new guy for the magazine.

Shin suggested rey as admin, which seems a good choice, he's active, and doesn't seem to be someone acting in self-interest. So rey if you'd like to be 2nd admin, please tell us. It's not all fun, you should realize you have to warn, ban, move topics, delete posts when you're admin, and these things are not always respected by the board users, but I think you are everyones friend here, and people SHOULD really accept your job then.

I'd like to add fatguy to the magazine team, since he requested earlier, I'll add him now.

Well I'll also use this post as a good bye to shin, which has been a good friend to me in the last 4-5 years. Thanks for those times. Also thank you for keeping this forum clean, helping to create, recreate and maintain the community, with moderator tasks, tournaments and other activities. I can understand some of you hate him for some reason, but some respect should be given, to who once was one of the best thps3 players of his time. Good luck in your life Sad Wink Original
ah damn another legend leaves thps3 :cry:
I really liked shin Best of luck in your life
cool, do you have a tutorial 2? Tongue
It's not so hard to do, the interface is pretty userfriendly, you can always pm me or ask at msn if you don't know how Wink
rey if you see a spam from me dont ban me just delte it then Xd
if you do that, then i accpet you for this jopWink
Later kaioshinzo :cry:
kevDN4 Wrote:rey if you see a spam from me dont ban me just delte it then Xd
if you do that, then i accpet you for this jopWink
first i send warn pm, if you dont stop i send warn Original
Good luck rey Original
But also sorry to see you go shin Sad, I think you did a good job, less people hate you than you make out.
Like shin said muchacho's i say: Goodbye, shin. Muchacho! :|
naaaah i hope shin will come back !!! 8-)
Btw as Lyst said you were a very good th3 player during all this time.
I have appreciated to play with you since old times ;p
Good luck for your life.
Ciao !
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