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Full Version: Create-a-Cas v6
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Ok for this challenge you'll need to remember back years and years to the first time when you played thps3...

Because you're going to create a NOOB!!

With so many contests, competing to be the best all the time, let's see how much of a newbie you can be Tongue. Because this is such a broad contest you'll need to be pretty creative. The only condition is no hexing Original

Deadline - 20/3/09
[Image: 20u6c82.jpg]

it was my first CAS Original really Original
Thx Duck for reminding me
I used this earlier but im not sure if its my first cas anyway here it is :
that's what noobs play with ^^
actually when i see noobs they play with tony hawk more than darth maul. Wink
duck, can you send me your cas?
ReY Wrote:duck, can you send me your cas?

haha ^^ Heart ReY!
ReY Wrote:duck, can you send me your cas?

But no!
[Image: skate32009031017552170.jpg]
Here is my NOOB! Laugh
[Image: mynoob.jpg]
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