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Full Version: wTK vs. DN4
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We will do a cz match in ap.
2 of 3 games.

2 members of dn4 vs. 2 members of wTK

2x 1v1
and 1 team match

Good luck dn4 Tongue
hmm.. clanwar..

fuck my internet because you gave me idea for new tourney..
iSL wins allllllllll
clanless pwns more
I'm wondering who will play for DN4 :roll:
lyst Wrote:I'm wondering who will play for DN4 :roll:
i guess kev and trick.
kev only :lol:
i think kev and kev o0 thats the whole dn4 clan .. ^^


Lyms.wTK vs KeV.dn4 2 - 0

Play hard go Pro.
Haha, gz chill. Laugh
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