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Full Version: ctfTV1 groups and rules!
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if anyone is interested about playing with my team on monday or tuesday pm me or write here. I am going to back home on monday for 2-3 days.
I'm available monday evening i think
ok I'm at home till thursday. PM me if you wanna play.
coom & shin vs lyst & uL0v3mE 4:2

I had to change my partner because daz sucked and forgot about match lol
coom & shin vs foolish & loveu2 5:2
TDS vs. Shifty & Krea: 8-2
finally ^^
cmon krea me blindzor and shifty are on :0
if u see this get on ^^
Krea, Shifty and ownish. When do we finish it ? :mrgreen:
hey, I'm at home. Maximum for 2 weeks. so please get your partners and pm me or msn. Me and coom are almost always ready to play.

Btw I ask you to play your matches guys. Maybe there isn't a deadline but some of teams don't even try to play their matches. so I can finish the 1st round in every moment. You have 2 weeks and I want to see some progress. Thank you Original
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