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Full Version: Create-a-Cas v3
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create a cas v3

thema: cowboy
one cas per person.
Hex: not allowed
Custom Textures: not allowed
Deadline: 15/01/2009.

winner will be voted in poll
ok go make your own cowboy and have fun! Laugh

Updated by Lyst.
Ma Cowboy!

[Image: cowboyis9.png]
[Image: w637.png]
As discussed before it's neither allowed to use hex nor texture editing in any create-a-contest. Just to give everyone fair chances.
k i edit
[Image: cowcrowgo7.png]
ok my cowboy!
[Image: 32694104cbd4edb5b2709ca002235e592fe1beb.jpg]

Mine is this gay Cowboy from YMCA!!
Ahahahahaha nice deck, is that goof there? :lol:
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