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Well, I can't do it all by myself (and shin/sick) anymore. I need to have some good moderating team. You need to be active on this forum and be quicklearning,
it's not too hard to be moderator here.

I need 1 global moderator for the site, who can do the same as me, when I don't have time.
I need 1 moderator for moderating the stick-it's on the site.
Maybe 1 extra to help with old stick-it's.
I need 1 moderator for moderating the create-a-contests on the site.

I need 2 extra moderators on this forum, 90 posts per day, shin and me can't handle it alone.

1 Global Moderator =
1 SI Moderator =
1 CAC Moderator =
2 Forum Moderators = &

You can apply for multiple functions if you want. As long you do your job good.
i think it's nothing for me .. But if nobody is choosed for something. u can do me Tongue
hmm i would do this.
i would be a extra moderator, if i can.Tongue
i try to have a look everyday here ^^ :lol:
no lyst. it always doesn't work. Moderators always do nothing. at thps3 community it didn't work. I can only agree for fkone on this forum. Maybe rambo and sick. Sorry tasty and shifty. I just know you won't do your work good. We need here people with experience.
well i do really need moderators for the site so.
well why did you make topic, when you exactly know who could it be or who couldn't not. Xd
2 Forum Moderators =
i realy can do someting with this cuz i'm like 2 hours a day online on this forum Tongue
i read every post!
1 SI Moderator =
SI moderator is awesome 2 but i can do more as forum moderator i think Laugh
I'll pick the best imho from all applies, so be patient.
lyst you should remember on th3 community forum we had the moderators, even a few moderators and they didn't do nothing, completely nothing. I hope it will change here.
those were different people, you can't blame these ppl for their mistakes. And I can kick mod's anytime I want and replace them.
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