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Full Version: stick-it winners
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ok guys, lets bring up all the winners of stick-its that werent hosted on this site, that is stick-its 1-7!

what i found/remember is:
si1 winner fatty
si2 winner plum
si3 winner fkone
si4 winner fatty
si5 winner plum
si6 winner boo
si7 winner grafzone
no sense topic Laugh
no, lyst made a ranking system so all stick its should be counted
so its already counted in ranking, and this is needless Tongue
me in si6 Laugh
no rambo this isnt counted in rankings, otherwise i wouldnt be bothering.
-ok only si5 winner is left unknown
Rambone Wrote:so its already counted in ranking, and this is needless Tongue
Only stick-it 8+ is counted, because I didn't know the old winners. I can only add stick-it 1-7 if we know all winners, otherwise it wouldn't be fair..
ok there was cz tour which i won in same time also add me 5 points plz thx

this ranking system started with this new site and it should be like that dont back to the past plz.
ok whatever, we can still get to know s-i winners eh.
and it would be so cool if we can make a huge video from stick-it entries
i have 3 entries at my pc :shock:
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