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Full Version: NoJoke C-A-P
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this is a cap i created, it has flags for ctf, three crown places for koth but no cz zones. me and blind played koth on it and it worked out really well but 1vs1 ctf really sucked.

in the park you will find two big walls with rails on them, and a platform from which you can go into any direction and is really useful in koth. There is also some water so watch out. on the other side of the park there is a funbox combined with a trailer, also where one crown position is and one ctf flag.

put it into thps3/data/settings/park

if you improved it or changed some things to better, please upload your version Original
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hi fg, i tested this park with sick, gj for idea. imo 6/10.

here's my vid: <!-- m --><a class="postlink" href=""></a><!-- m -->
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