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Me and haci will make a clanwar vs other clans.

we have done a clanwar vs dn4

we won 4-1

now we will play vs other clans.
when someone will play vs us then tell us pls Original
lol those who ended above you in tourney are all clanless ^^
so make a clan for them and play vs sep Tongue
TDS VS sep

5 - 2
im gonna add u on msn, green isnt that good but bring it on :twisted:
hu when do we had a clan battle?
I love so see sep vs uT
XsTJeZ0 Wrote:I love so see sep vs uT

Lyst vs Resul? Laugh

edit: I guess we got a record here : 4 years between 2 posts
Wild vs Resul
Thats gonna be long Laugh
(02-10-2012 18:36)Rain Wrote: [ -> ]Wild vs Resul
Thats gonna be long Laugh

They played against each other in ap once..
damn it was a long one, atleast more than 30min

idk the outcome though...
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