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Full Version: TDS vs BC
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Yep today we ve played a CW . 1st CW i ve played for a long time Original well it was 5-0 for TDS but still we are open for revenge ofc Original Maybe with other players now Original

Who played:
Rambone+SicK vs Baldrick+Ryker

-any map
-game cz or ctf
-till 5 wins
-You can't take same game on same map two times you can take it only once.
Maybe one time dn4 vs tds?
kevDN4 Wrote:Maybe one time dn4 vs tds?

sure just say when
Ok if all tournaments all that stuff are ready for a moment then let us playTongue
man, just say a date when (day/hour) and we will play.
Yeah just one problem tricK plays onle if he is @ home
k get him then and ask when he has time to play it.
Hy,the next weeks are pretty chilled 4 lets pl4yTongue
u guys can battle me, im a one man clan :lol:
k trick. Original choose a day and hour and post here. Tongue
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